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When Is The Right Time To Enroll Your Loved One In An Assisted Living Facility?

Relocating your parents into an assisted living facility will probably be one of your most significant decisions. For example, you might need to know when to enroll them in the facility, despite discussing that idea with them. Therefore, if you feel confused, this piece will walk you through some situations that could indicate it is time to move. 

1. Caregiving Is No Longer Sustainable 

The burden of caregiving might befall you if your parents have memory or physical challenges. At the same time, you have to raise your kids and go to work. Balancing all these responsibilities can be too much to handle. If your loved one demands increased care and time due to worsening health conditions, you might need to consider full-time service at an elderly living facility. Here, your parents will receive quality and undivided care and attention, allowing you to attend to other responsibilities in your life. 

2. Limited Social Fulfillment 

It is common for the elderly to sink into depression and isolation as their social circles become smaller. Physical limitations due to old age and medical conditions may restrict them from engaging in hobbies they once loved. Do you wonder how your loved one's social needs can be fulfilled in old age? You could move them into an assisted living where they'll make new friends with peers and staff. The facilities encourage seniors to participate in physical activities such as workout classes and group outings. This minimizes the risk of depression.

3. Increasing Health Concerns 

The unfortunate truth about aging is that medical conditions such as dementia worsen over time. Your parent could be struggling with multiple health conditions that always worry you. Leaving them is too risky because they have no support or way to respond to medical emergencies. Assisted living facilities have healthcare professionals and effective ways to respond to emergencies. The staff at the facility strives to assist with medication management to slow down memory loss and improve overall health. Therefore, you can rest assured that your loved one will be in good hands. 

4. Increased Accident Cases 

You could take your parent to assisted living if they keep getting involved in accidents such as slip and fall incidents. Sometimes they get injured and don't seek help because they probably have memory loss caused by dementia. This is a risky affair, and it is best to take them to a facility where they can be monitored all around the clock. 

These situations should make you consider moving your loved ones into assisted living. If you relate to these situations, visit an elderly assisted living facility and enroll your loved ones for improved care and attention.