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3 Tips To Help Your Parent Embrace The Idea Of Moving To The Assisted Living Facility

Do you remember the excitement you felt when you finally moved into your house and became independent? Your parents also experienced this feeling when they moved into their home. For this reason, they will want to live in that house as long as possible. However, a time will come when it won't be safe or convenient to leave your parents alone. 

However, no senior looks forward to leaving all the memories created in their house behind. So, if you don't take the time to learn how to best approach the situation, you will likely have an uncomfortable conversation, which increases the chances of rebellion. The article provides tips to help you guide your parents to warm up to the idea of assisted living.

1. Take a Step Back

Have your attempts to talk about the benefits of assisted living fallen on deaf ears? Consider taking a step back and avoiding mentioning the topic for some time. Otherwise, if you keep insisting, your loved one may feel defiant, increasing the chances that they resist the help. But giving them time to evaluate things and think about the idea may help them see that they need the assisted living arrangement.

2. See Things From a Different Lens

Putting yourself in your loved one's shoes will give you a perspective on their feelings about joining the facility. Remember that your parents have gone through various losses in different stages of their life, from kids growing up and leaving the house to retirement. Moreover, there are certain myths your parents may have heard about assisted living. For this reason, it is important to listen and understand why they seem hesitant to join an assisted living facility. That way, you will get insight on how to handle the situation better.

3. Wait for a Teachable Moment

If handling normal daily activities seem challenging for your parents, seize these moments to show them how assisted living services will make things easier. For instance, seniors are prone to falls as they continue to age. So, if your parent falls and escapes injuries, you can wait for some time to pass before bringing up the subject of joining a facility. Another situation you can bring up the idea in a conversation is when your loved one seems lonely or has trouble handling simple house chores.

Though assisted living offers numerous benefits to seniors, most have difficulty accepting that it is time to move. However, you can quickly convince your parents of the benefits of joining an assisted living community if you take the time to understand their feelings and avoid insisting. Give them time to understand the benefits and consider the idea.

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