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Ways That an Assisted Living Community Is Advantageous for Stroke Patients

After someone suffers a stroke, they may always have a certain level of permanent disability. If this person has been living alone, being able to manage various daily living tasks may no longer be possible. Moving to an assisted living facility could be the best option. There, the individual receives help as needed while continuing to live somewhat independently in a room or small apartment.

Partial Stroke Recovery

Many people recover to some extent from a debilitating stroke, but they may never fully regain their physical functioning. Nevertheless, these individuals may recover enough to continue a number of their favorite activities, maintain their fulfilling social relationships, and appreciate life. Some must use a walker for mobility. Others are partially paralyzed and need a wheelchair. For their safety and well-being, they benefit from living in an assisted living community.

Personal Care Services

Personal care services are provided for the tasks each resident can no longer complete effectively or at all. Some need help with bathing or hair washing. Assistance with getting dressed might be required. The staff members brush hair, trim nails, and apply hand lotion if a resident requests this.

Meal Preparation as Desired

One of the main advantages of moving to assisted living is being able to have meals prepared by the staff members when the person doesn't feel like cooking or isn't able to. Meals are designed to provide plenty of essential nutrients while also being tasty and enjoyable. If the individual hadn't been eating well or had been largely choosing frozen dinners, this feature of assisted living provides an immediate boost in nutrition.

Social Opportunities

Mealtime in the common areas offers a way for residents to converse and get to know each other. Usually, friends and relatives of residents are welcome to join in when they visit.

Community residents also make friends during games, fitness classes, or other activities they participate in. Some residents become intrigued at the possibility of participating in pursuits they have never attempted before. They might join or start a book club, a faith-based group, or a weekly afternoon of card playing.

Getting Started

A stroke patient and the immediate family members may start by contacting an assisted living community that looks appealing. Together, they can visit the place and take part in a tour. These individuals should ask any questions they have while getting a sense of the community's lifestyle.

Talk to an assisted living facility for more information.