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What Does A Skilled Nursing Home Provide?

Skilled nursing is a form of patient treatment performed by licensed nurses. These services are provided on a short-term basis, and they can provide a lot of useful care for somebody who needs skilled nurses available around the clock.

Are you considering a skilled nursing facility for your loved one? Here are some of the services a skilled nursing center can provide.

Dressing Wounds

If your loved one was injured or in an accident, they may have serious wounds that require bandaging and ointments. Skilled nurses know how to dress wounds of all types to ensure that they do not worsen or become infected.


Skilled nursing centers offer rehabilitation for people who are recovering. For example, many people who have strokes must learn to walk again. Learning to walk is often best done in a skilled nursing facility where somebody has access to professional care at all times, especially in the event of an injury.

Tube Feedings

In some cases, people who become ill or injured need to be fed via a tube. Tube feedings can be complicated, and a skilled nursing facility can provide you with feedings that keep your loved one's health progressing.

Changes in Health Status

Skilled nursing practitioners also manage changes in health status. So, if your loved one's condition continues to worsen, you can count on this facility to track these changes and make the necessary adjustments to their treatment plan.


Meals are provided by skilled nursing professionals. They keep track of each patient's dietary needs and restrictions to ensure that everybody receives healthy, nutritious meals.

Physical Therapy

Many people require physical therapy as part of a treatment plan. Physical therapy may involve massage, exercise, stretching, cold therapy, hot therapy, laser therapy, and more. All of this helps a patient recover after an accident or illness, avoiding injury and pain.


Skilled nursing facilities also offer medication management. Professionals provide prescriptions from a doctor so that patients do not have to remember to take medications. Each medication is administered appropriately and in accordance with the patient's needs and current health status.

A skilled nursing professional can help you determine if this level of care is right for your loved one. If your loved one needs short-term care, it is important to contact a professional to discuss their needs. 

If you have more questions, reach out to a skilled nursing facility in your area today.