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Elderly Alcohol Abuse: How A Move To Assisted Living Could Help Your Mom Or Dad

While it's difficult to watch your mom or dad face the numerous challenges of getting older, when alcohol abuse is involved, it's far more disconcerting. Even moderate use presents an aging body with precarious situations, such as being at greater risk of falling, forgetting, high blood pressure, and heart disease. 

Maybe it's time you considered some of the many benefits of assisted living for the mom or dad you love.

Assisted Living Means Your Parent Isn't Socially Isolated

For many people, at any age, drinking is an escape from loneliness, but an assisted living environment provides the opportunity to meet people, go places, and do things your mom or dad may not otherwise be able to do. This may mean having fewer reasons to drink, leading to a healthier, more fulfilling daily routine.

Your Mom Or Dad Should Have Healthier Meal Options

Touring area facilities, you'll likely discover beautifully decorated dining rooms, managed by very talented and caring staff. Meals are tailored to the specific nutritional needs of the elderly, with a focus on flavor, too. A lot people who partake of spirits fail to eat well, especially when the alcohol leads to digestive irritation. Alcohol is also a diuretic, causing a body to lose hydration and electrolytes, among other harmful effects. Three square meals a day may be just what your parent needs to boost health, immunity, and the motivation to decrease alcohol intake.

Safe And Convenient Rides Are Usually Offered At Assisted Living

These facilities cater to every need an elderly person has, including getting to and from appointments, shopping, and elsewhere. Most especially if you're concerned about driving after drinking, or even how aging may impair driving ability, a ride service will solve multiple problems.

Help Is Right There For Your Mom Or Dad

Whatever your elderly parent may need, help is always within arm's reach. Whether it's help getting to the store, taking medication, tidying up, or bathing and dressing, it's all going to be right there. That's a world of relief for any resident and all those who care and worry about them.

A parent abusing alcohol presents a child with very uncomfortable choices at any age, but watching your elderly mom or dad endanger themselves is simply too much. Set your mind at ease and make their lives safer, more sociable, and convenient by making the choice for assisted living. Hopefully, your parent sees the value in other activities once immersed in the assisted elderly living community and their drinking tapers off. Keep in close contact with staff and call and visit often to help your parent, and you, make the adjustment.