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Is It Time For Your Elderly Parent To Have Greater Care?

Have you come to realize that it is no longer safe for your elderly parent to live by herself or by himself? Perhaps you have noticed that your elderly parent hasn't been taking medication as it has been prescribed. Or, you might have had to rush to his or her aid when he or she got disoriented. It might even be that one of your elderly parent's neighbors has talked to you about your parent putting himself or herself in harm's way.

It might even be that your elderly parent is living with you, but your work schedule doesn't allow you to care for him or her in a way that you feel is necessary. Whatever the scenario, from arranging for at-home health care to arranging for your parent to live in a skilled nursing facility, here are some things that might help you to know that your parent will be well taken care of.

Home Health Care - Do you need to arrange for professional home health care only during the night hours? Perhaps you and your siblings have arranged to take turns spending time with your elderly parent during the day, but that leaves him or her alone at night. Or, it might be the reverse. 

Perhaps the situation warrants a home health care professional to come during the day while you are at work. The great thing is that home health care is available for as many hours as you need it, every single day of the week. If you often travel, you might decide to just use the home health care during the time you are away from your home. 

Skilled Nursing Facility Care - If you have decided that things have gotten serious enough for your elderly parent to move into a skilled nursing facility, you are more than likely making an excellent choice. At this type of facility, your parent will be cared for by professionals who are trained and who have the experience to make your elderly parent feel comfortable and safe. In addition, if your elderly parent is up to it, there will be group activities that he or she might enjoy right at the facility.

For example, if your parent enjoys playing games, there will probably be things like Bingo night. If he or she enjoys movies, the facility will more than likely have that available, too. Even more important, medication and other healthcare will be carefully determined and monitored by a doctor and by the nurses on the skilled facility staff. 

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