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A Few Reasons To Consider A Nursing Home To Rehabilitate After Joint Replacement Surgery

Even though you are released from the hospital within a few days of having joint replacement surgery, it does not necessarily mean you are ready to go home. You can if you have someone who will stay there with you and get you to and from the necessary physical therapy appointments. However, it is often better to go to a nursing home or assisted living facility for short-term rehabilitation. Here are just a few reasons you should consider spending a week or so at some type of rehab center.

Physical Therapy

When you are in a medical facility, you will be able to attend physical therapy more often and for longer sessions. There are often group sessions you can attend to help you recover more quickly. You will not have to arrange appointments and find someone to transport you to and from each one. 

Treatment Changes

If you were to go home and travel back and forth for therapy and follow-up medical appointments, you may find that any treatment changes one of the professionals wants will need to be approved by your entire medical team. This often will include the therapist, surgeon, and primary care or attending physician. Getting them all to sign off on any changes can take a day or more. However, when you are in a medical facility, your team will be right there each day and available to make the changes quickly so you can see the best results from your rehab efforts.

No Guilty Feelings

It can be hard to accept help from family members and friends while trying to recover from joint replacement surgery. You do not want them to have to miss work or school. You may also feel uncomfortable asking them to help with things like hygiene or bathroom issues. It is also possible that the people that are willing to help do not have the strength to pick you up or move you if necessary. When you go to a short-term rehabilitation center you will not feel guilty as the people there are used t it all and have the knowledge and experience to help you.

You may find it is best to start out your recovery by staying at a nursing home for a week. As you become more self-sufficient you can move to an assisted living facility for another week. Finally, you can go home, however, you will still need to keep up with your therapy and doctor appointments. It might seem like a long time, but your recovery will go quicker and easier when you have the help you need.