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Move Into An Assisted Living Community And Discover A Real Quality-Of-Life Improvement

Some seniors are able to continue living in their homes with help coming from a network of family members. Other seniors may not have help from family members but could be eligible for home care services delivered to them in their homes by hospital-based home care departments or private home care health services. So the choices are many, but care must be given to the absolute wishes of seniors who are still lucid but might do better in an assisted living community. You can move into an assisted living community and find this living arrangement to be a real quality-of-life improvement.

Short-Term Memory Problems?

Some seniors find that sometimes they have short-term memory problems that are not at all of Alzheimer's disease severity. Stresses in your lives at times, when you live alone, can confuse even a proverbial clock let alone you. Don't worry about short-term memory problems. Most of the time, it's just information overload going on. Once you get settled into an assisted living community, unpleasant situations and other forms of stress are out of range. You can look forward to a life free of unnecessary annoyances.

If you can't remember what you were thinking about a few minutes ago, take a deep breath and relax. Don't panic. Before you know it, your clear-thinking memory returns. You'll recall the subject that just slipped from your mind. Laugh about it and move on to what activities you'll be choosing today in your new assisted living community.


There may be visiting musicians or other performers visiting the community today. You may want to sign up for day trips that take you to art museums or take a group of other residents on nature walks. You can join a dance or exercise group. Ask the community's recreation specialist to provide you with an events scheduling list.

Transportation Provided

You now don't have to drive to get about town. Arrange to be dropped off at a local library and to be picked up later and brought back home. You can, of course, choose to continue using your own vehicle for there is always onsite parking space.

No More Cooking

Living in an assisted living community means you don't have to plan and fix your meals. The community's master chef will prepare a fine dining experience for you each day. You will be served three square meals per day with a dessert at dinner time too. Meals can cater to your special dietary needs when you make that request.

Taking Your Medications On Time

While living alone, you were not taking your medications on time. Aches and pain can disturb your thinking process. However, it's important to take your medications at the appointed time. Staff at an assisted living community will make sure to remind you about that.

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