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Pros And Cons Of Short-Term Rehab

Short-term rehab is one attractive option for helping a loved one recover after a fall or other injury. But here are some of the pros and cons to making this decision.

Pro: Additional Care and Monitoring

If your loved one has been discharged from the hospital, that doesn't mean that they are fully healed. It likely means that the cost/benefit ratio of keeping them in an expensive hospital stay has gone down.

Likely, your loved one could benefit from additional care and monitoring until they are fully healed from an injury. That includes additional custodial care, such as preparation of meals and help with walking or dressing. It also means that they may need to have their vitals taken more often to make sure their body is healing correctly. They might have painkillers and other medicines to take on top of their normal routine; a nurse in an assisted living facility could help administer those drugs.

Con: Short-Term Stays Can Be Confusing

A short-term stay in assisted living is somewhat of a challenge because it is a break from routine. Hopefully, you can find an assisted living center that can make their living quarters almost as comfortable as home. You could bring in decorations from home to make it feel more familiar.

Pro: It's a Potential Transition

If you think that your loved one could benefit from a more long-term stay in assisted living, this is a good trial period. Let the short-term assisted living facility know that you are considering a permanent move. They can maybe help you make an evaluation of how necessary that is. You may not spend 24/7 with your loved one now, so you don't get to see the daily struggles they go through to take care of themselves. But if their original injury was due to a fall or other accidental injury, you might be especially vigilant about the need for alzheimer's care or at least memory care and daily monitoring. As your loved one stays in assisted living during rehabilitation, the facility can see more of what their daily life is like and whether they need additional help in any areas, if not a full-blown assisted living move.

In short, there are some trade-offs to short-term stays. It provides some additional information and care for your loved one. It may require a bit of accommodation to make it work for your loved one. Cost can be an issue, but the small cost of evaluating an assisted living center on the short term could be worth it if you are considering a longer term investment in assisted living.